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Discover Wakesurfing on our spot in Portugal

Wakesurfing is a hybrid water sport halfway between wakeboarding and surfing. Easy and fun, wakesurfing allows you to ride behind the boat without a rope. The rider is towed by a boat to get out of the water. The boat has a slower speed than in wakeboarding and will generate a wave to be able to surf.

Frequently asked questions about Wakesurfing

Yes, wakesurfing has the advantage of being able to be practiced by everyone and by all levels. Families can enjoy this experience together.
It is one of the safest water sports. Wakesurfing is practiced between 15 and 19 km/h depending on the level of the rider. Injuries are very rare since water cushions falls. Falling is like jumping into a swimming pool. We drive American Tigé & ATX brand boats, suitable for the practice of water sports for all levels of riders. Our boats are renewed every year and therefore constantly benefit from the latest technologies.
We provide you with life jackets and boards but you can come with your own equipment if you prefer. You must bring your own towels, swimsuit and sunscreen for practice and excursions as well as snacks and drinks (our boats are equipped with a fridge which can keep your drinks cold). You must provide the appropriate clothing according to the weather of the day.
We can accept your pet on board if its size allows it. Please keep us informed before the session, so that we can organize the course accordingly.

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