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Come practice WakeSkate in Portugal

Wakeskating is a water sport in which the rider is towed by a motorboat using a rope. He makes figures on a board without fixation.
Wakeskating is a complex discipline and therefore requires an advanced level of the rider. The rider must have a perfect balance and stable support on his feet.

Frequently asked questions about the WakeSkate

A wakeskate session for one person lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Each session is provided by a qualified instructor and includes the necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet, vest, etc…).

There is a risk of injury for every practice of water sports.
Even though wakeskating is more technical than other sports, it is not more dangerous. By respecting the instructions and using the protective equipment, each wakeskate session is secure.

The minimum age required is generally 8 years old. Depending on the level of the child, it is possible to start a little earlier. Our instructors can advise you.

The sessions are adapted to the level of each rider. The rate of traction can therefore be more or less rapid, reaching 30 km/h.

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