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Come Wakefoil in Portugal

Wakefoil is a new aquatic sliding sport giving a unique sensation of flying over the water. Riders must have good control of sliding and balance to practice this sport.
We offer specific physical preparation courses for the practice of wakefoil, starting with e-foil sessions.

Frequently asked questions about Wakefoil

Although foiling adds new difficulties, learning is not so difficult if you have board skills and start with a short mast. Initiation by e-foil allows you to progress in order to quickly take pleasure in the practice of wakefoil.

The practice of wakefoil comes with certain risks mainly due to the equipment itself, because of its size and its sharp characteristics. Indeed, the foils being sharp for efficiency and performance, the risk of injury is always present.
In order to limit these risks, protective equipment is essential. You must wear a vest, a jumpsuit and a helmet. After overcoming the learning curve, the risks are greatly limited. Starting with an e-foil makes learning safer.

It depends on the parents, the child and their athletic and board skills. If the child has a good level and a good command of nautical sliding, he can practice this sport provided he uses a short mast and all the essential safety equipment.

Yes, but it will take some time, you might want to take a look at our larger surf kites. Be prepared to spend time on the foil before you are ready to surf with it. Once you are ready, we can provide you with a foil with a suitable wing according to your weight and the size of the wake of the boat so that you try to surf.

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