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Come and E-Foil in Portugal

The E-foil is a kind of electric surf remote controlled by the rider. The e-foil gives an exceptional feeling of hovering above the water.

Frequently asked questions about the E-Foil

If you can wakesurf at an intermediate level, you will be able to start foiling. Decent wakeboarding (or even waterskiing) skills and good balance are also solid foundations for e-foiling.

As with wakefoil, e-foil is more complex than other nautical disciplines.
If you have a solid foundation in water sports and start with a short mast, learning is easy.

E-foiling is no more dangerous than wakefoiling. As with wakefoil, wearing protective equipment greatly limits the risks.
During practice, the rider has better and better control of the risks.

You need good conditions with flat water. In a lake, you need a body of water with a minimum depth of 1m50.

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